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  • When is the Chippewa Valley Century Ride?
    The Chippewa Valley Century Ride is the Sunday before Memorial Day.
  • What does the registration fee include?
    The registration fee includes: Ride with choice of routes (35, 50, 75, or 100 miles) Four fully stocked rest stops with everything from freshly made sandwiches to cookies, fresh fruit, water, and sports drinks Entire course is covered with several sag wagons "All you can eat" brat feed includes locally produced bratwurst on a bun, baked beans, chips and all the trimmings needed After ride beverages include at least two flavors of Leinies as well as a selection of soda and water
  • How do I register?
    You can register online or by mail. See registration page for all the information.
  • Is there a fee for online registration?
    Yes there is a processing fee for online registration.
  • Is there a discount for pre-registering?
    Yes pre-register either online or by mail before the weekend of the ride. See registration page for pricing.
  • What time does the Ride start?
    You can start any time between 7am and 10am on Sunday. If you did not pick up your wristband Saturday night, you must do so before you start. To reduce congestion on the roads and flexibility to the participants, there is no mass start.
  • What time does the Ride end?
    Riders are asked to finish the ride by 4:00pm. SAG wagons will clear the route at that time and offer riders a ride back to the park. The post-ride meal will conclude at 5:00pm.
  • Where does the Ride start and end?
    The ride will start and end at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.
  • Where do I park for the Ride?
    Follow the signs at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds for ride parking.
  • Can you provide a map for the Ride?
    Maps for the Ride are posted about 2 weeks before the ride on the route page and on Facebook. Riders may download maps in GPX or KML format from Map My Ride. Printed maps will be available at the registration table. Please check for any last minute changes at the registration table on Saturday or day of the ride.
  • What is the elevation for the Ride?
    Maps from Map my Ride provide elevation information. See the route page for links to these maps.
  • Is there a vegetarian meal option?
    Yes, a vegetarian meal is available if ordered in advance (just let us know on your pre-registration form).
  • When can I pick up my packet and wristband?
    You may pick up your wristband on either Saturday night at the pre-ride get together, or Sunday between 7 and 10am at the starting line.
  • Do I need to select a ride distance and stick with it?
    You can change your mind at any time. All routes start out the same to the first rest stop. At that point, the 35 and 50 mile routes head back over the river and the 75 and 100 miles head north. At the second rest stop, the 75 and 100 mile routes split.
  • Do I need a road bike to participate?
    You may ride on any style of bike you choose. The course is on all paved roads, so road bikes and upright hybrid bikes are the typical styles of bikes used by participants. If you would like to ride a mountain bike or fat bike go right ahead.
  • What happens if it rains? snows? hot? cold?
    The event will take place rain or shine, hot or cold. We will keep an eye on the weather at each rest stop.
  • Are recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, Burley, and other pull-behind trailers acceptable?"
    Yes. Regarding child trailers, make sure your children are also wearing helmets only the riders pulling the trailer need to register and pay the entry fee.
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